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Since the 9th Century A.D. Termez became the largest center of science and culture of the Muslim East, as prominent as Bukhara and Samarkand.
And one of the largest jurisprudents of those times was Al-Khakimi Termezi. A founder of Sufi Order “Khakimi”, he was considered as the spiritual patron of Termez.
When this great scientist was only 10 years old he heard a revelation from a mysterious old man.

It is known for certain that Al-Khakimi Termezi wrote many mystical and philosophical works, including his fundamental work on Sufizm and Sufis.
Dzharkurgan Minaret was built in the beginning of the 12th Century at the time of Sultan Sanzhar ruling;
He was designed and constructed by the craftsman Muhammad Ali from Serakhs.
The minaret belonged to the Grand Mosque, but still it stood isolated from it.
The minaret served as a signal tower.
When enemies were approaching, the warning was passed from the tower.
Hot and dry climate of the region at all times forced local people to offer respectful treatment to those who could bring water here, using their extraordinary powers.
The rumors say that somebody called Muzrabad-ota had such magical powers.
A brook with a cold and clean water appeared where his staff touched the ground.
During those ancient times, the grateful citizens constructed this mystical construction in honor of Muzrabad-ota, which until today reminds us of the people with great powers.
Kara-Tepa complex of Buddhist Monasteries is world-famed.
The archaeologist discovered dozens of cave monasteries here and one surface monastery here.
The great Kushan Empire united the people with different beliefs and religions, and rulers implemented the policy of religious tolerance.
Usually few monks inhabited the cave monasteries. The cells could accommodate only one or two dwellers.
These were literate and educated people, who knew Bactrian and Indian letters.
The life of monks passed in ceremonies and prayers.
Special attention was paid to the maintenance of cleanness.
It was the maintenance of cleanness that could bring the monks to the condition of NIRVANA.
Cave galleries together with the yard formed some kind of frame around the CELLA – a sanctuary with a statue of Buddha.
This was connected with the ritual detour of the sanctuary.
Some scientists say that such a gallery setting is common to the sanctuaries of fire-worshippers, in their Fire Temples.
Archeological discoveries prove the fact that many Buddhists came from the environment of fire-worshippers.
Buddhist monasteries received secular people.
Those people were coming to monastery and leaving their gifts – water or food.
Later on there were conquerors who came, and they professed Zoroastrism and were not in favor of Buddhism.
The monks were gradually leaving their monasteries, which came to desolation with the time passing by.
Nowadays the archaeological excavations on Kara-Tepe Complex brings back the history of great empires that once existed in the territory of Central Asia.
KHUZHAKON mineral deposit is located in the west of Surkhandarya Province.
That is an enormous mineral formation of sodium chloride or common salt.
The healing effect from the salt was known since ancient times.
In order to use the unique features of the deposit, a gallery was carved in there so that the sanatorium patients can pass a course of treatment.
A course of therapy using environmentally clean salt cures the patients who suffer from lung diseases, rheumatism, radiculitis, cardiac neurosis, and thyroid gland diseases.
The constant temperature inside the cave (around 24 degrees C) make staying in it comfortable and not tiresome.
Sangardak waterfall is located in the western part of Surkhandarya Province.
The geological setting of the region, as well as underground fissure waters served preconditions for quite a unique waterfall’s construction.

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